Hair : How I got from Black to Gingerish brown


I changed my hair! (as you can see =p )
No surprise there cause I’m always doing it lol
But today i went back to my natural colour (kind of)
I’m naturally ginger but this colour is a few shades darker so its almost a redish brown but I’m totally in love in with it though 🙂

So the process of getting it this colour was long as always it took a few hours to do!

First I bleached my hair with Show time blue powder bleach and sally salon services 9% peroxide!
I covered my entire head in the bleach it took about an hour and a half to apply it to my head (my mum did it for me =p)  so I left the bleach in for an hour (not healthy to do btw) but I am used to my hair being bleached and because I had black hair it needed to be in for a while to strip!

So after I washed the bleach out and dried my hair my hair was multi-toned  ginger, brown , blonde (my ginger roots went blonde) so it looked a bit funny, So I then debated with myself to bleach it again or dye it as it was. So I thought  about the damage I would cause my hair if I bleached it again so I went for the dye option !

I mixed 2 hair colours together 6/34 deep copper gold & 7/43 warm red copper ( Dyes by Organic & mineral research ) with Fruity booster 9% and applied that to my head it took about half an hour to apply and I left it in for about half an hour and then I rinsed it out with shampoo twice and then used allot of conditioner!


My hair is still in pretty decent condition , the ends are dry and broken now, but they were like that anyway so I didn’t  do too much damage!

So this is what I look like now!
I’m completely in love with it atm and I will most likely will stay like this for a while!

Thats how i changed my hair to this!
Image Image
Thanks for reading 🙂



2 comments on “Hair : How I got from Black to Gingerish brown

  1. So… In short, you bleached your hair and put a brown/ginger colour in. *claps*
    A blog needed to be written about this because WHY exactly? I’m sure any idiot would know the process in getting ones hair from a dark colour to a lighter colour… :/

    • Not everyone knows how to bleach hair, not everyone knows where start when it comes to changing hair, i didn’t when I started out, I get asked allot about my hair and how I do things so that’s why I write blog’s. Plus my blog is about me and my opinion on things so writing about my hair is something I like to do.

      And also I mentioned products which people always , and I mean ALWAYS ask me what I use.

      I don’t know why you wasted your time reading a blog that “any idiot” would know how to do.
      Thanks though 🙂

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