Out of reach

So recently my two bestfriends went on holidays, Saoirse who left first went to Cuba a week ago and Shauna who went to Amsterdam the other day and I feel so lost without them!

When Saoirse left I was gutted ha, she only lives 5doors down from me and we spent almost all our time together so it was weird not having her just arrive at my house (she lets herself in so I don’t have to get up YAY FOR LAZINESS). I feel kinda lonely without her, but I had Shauna to talk to while she was gone.

Then Shauna decided to leave to go to Amsterdam, a trip I was invited to go on but money was an issue and therefore I am still in boring old Ireland. Shauna lives in Galway so she is a good few hours away from me but I call and text all the time and we visit each other very often. So when she left the other I realised I was completely  alone.

Now don’t get me wrong I have loads of friends, I talk to most of them online but I don’t see them often enough so that’s why I feel so weird without the 2 girls here!

Like when things happen, good or bad the girls are the first to know and the ones who either celebrate with me or comfort me.
This week when things happened they weren’t there to tell or contact and it was kinda a shock to the system, I have never had both of them outta reach at the same time and I hate it haha.

All I can say is I’m glad Shauna is home in the next day or so and glad Saoirse will be home on the 7th, but it feels like weeks away! haha

I love those girls ❤


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