REVIEW : Viva Piñata

Right so the last few days my friend and I have been playing Viva Piñata, I know the games has been out a while but there’s a first time for everything!

So my first impression is wow everything is cute and colourful, Perfect for kids! So naturally me being myself I got super excited! The aimed audience for the game is 3+ and it is in my opinion suitable for all ages.

The game was made by Rare and Microsoft Game Studios in 2006! So I’m only about 6 years behind on this game!
It is available on Xbox and PC!
The genre is life stimulation

So the game graphic’s are pretty decent, the sound and music is good I cant default it in that department at all!

The aim of the game is too collect different breed of piñata(animals) and breed them and make them residents in your garden, to do this there is different items you need to have in your garden and different items you need to feed them. So this makes the game a little bit challenging which I LOVE about the game! You also get seeds to plant to grow fruit, veg, trees and more!

The game basis itself from the animal kingdom also, in such ways as certain animals must eat other animals to become resident in your garden or to romance!
Romancing is when 2 of the same breed animal are in love and the do a romance dance and then get delivered an egg with their new baby. (Its a very child friendly game)

Something else i really like about the game is the different people in the game own pet stores, supermarkets and building stores so you can provide your animals with house’s, garden décor and accessories!

The game has a sub challenge as your progress where it will ask you to ship them off animals and they will reward you with sweets (different candy help animals in happiness and romancing)

All in all it is a very fun, colour game which is a great way to get your children into gaming or even just for yourself to have a little fun!

Viva Piñata cover.jpg

Thanks for reading 🙂