What not to do when applying make-up!!

The video that this short rant was wrote about has been removed from YouTube, sadly because you can’t see what I’m on about , and thankfully to stop foolish people listening to her.
Honestly if anyone had followed this “tutorial” they would look a mess or get an infection!
The woman stated she was NOT a huge brush cleaner.
That is a huge no no if you are applying makeup!!

Makeup has few rules but hygiene and washing your brushs is the NO.1 rule and most important.
Also a few minutes into the “tutorial” she sucks on her brush to get the mountain of product she has on it to “clean” the brush!
I almost threw up watching that!

DO NOT DO THIS. I know its common knowledge not to do this.. but obviously some people do.
This is disgusting.
This video is an outrage to makeup and i cant believe this woman has more than 1000 subscribers praising her work.

Thanks for listening to my rant!