REVIEW : Urban Decay’s Primer Potion

It took me a while to decide what to review next, so i was looking through my products and it hit me!

I thought i should use one of the products I use the most! And that would be Urban Decays primer potion!

As you can tell by the the name it is a primer! It is possibly one of the best eye shadow primers on the market to this day ! The eye shadow primer comes in 4 different shades!

  1. Original
  2. Sin
  3. Eden
  4. Greed

Because Sin, Eden and Greed and coloured primers they can serve as eye shadows or even highlighters!

It comes in cute simple packaging and its easy to use, you just squeeze a bit out onto your finger, lightly apply all over the lid to the brow bone and even under the lower lash line if you plan on putting any product there!

The purpose of the primer is to act as a barrier between your skin and your make-up and also to get the most from your eye shadow! Applying the primer helps bring out the pigments/colour of your eye shadow, it makes eye shadow easier to blend and also helps it stay on longer!

Its a non crease primer which lasts 24hours!

The primer potion comes in 3 sizes!

The travel size bottle you get with the Naked palette  or buy on its own 3.7ml

The normal size tube ( it used to be in a 10ml bottle similar to the travel size) 11ml

And the professional size tube! 21ml

Rough Prices !
Travel size : €7.50 , $9, £6
Normal size :€16 , $20 , £13
Professional size : €24, $30 , £19.50

I would HIGHLY reccomend this product to anyone who loves wearing make-up, esp. if you like your make vibrant!

Thanks for reading 🙂